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Ubuntu 10.04 and WiFi, wireless

Lynx: eee pc 1000H How to fix wireless

I have a netbook eee pc 1000H and my wireless connection worked under ubuntu 9.10.

Now using Lucid Lynx has problem to connect to a wpa protected wireless. From time to time it connects but just for few minutes. The problem is linked to the kernel, but I do not know exactly what is

Anyway to solve it I installed the 2.6.33 kernel and I compiled the rt2860 driver

1- download the kernel from the ubuntu mainline:


2- install them
sudo dpkg -i linux-*deb

more info to install the kernel here:

3-reboot and select the new kernel from grub
...the wireless will NOT work

4-then install the driver following the info here:

If you know a simpler way to solve the problem, please let me known

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